Michiana Marathon

marathon runnersThe Michiana Marathon is perhaps a favorite event for a variety of marathon participants. It is an event that takes place in the early morning hours and offers runners a lot of surprises along its path.  Some of the most exciting is the Elvis impersonator that is waiting to high-five participants and there are also Djs, various bands, a few cheerleaders to cheer you on, and a rifle twirling group to entertain those who are there, but not participating. These entertainers are scattered around randomly along the zig-zagging downtown area where the runners spend most of their time. Do you know the other reasons that the Michiana Marathon is a popular event for marathoners?

Excitement Awaits You

girls marathonThese festivities begin before sunrise at this marathon. Even where the participants go to get their race bib, the air sizzles with the excitement of an average 45,000 entrants and 1.7 million spectators who are there to enjoy the action. There are free snacks available before the race start and booths to walk through. There is even a movie which is a fast forward through past marathon races that have taken place. It is one of the few marathons that brings people together from all areas of the world. At past events, there have been an average of 140 different countries coming together during the weekend of the event. This also means that motels and local businesses all get their fair share of business as families await race start.

Other Events

marathon spectatorsThere are numerous marathon events in the area if you are looking for a place to have a good time running. There is even a children’s marathon for the kids who want to participate in something great. There are points awarded to participants of all ages because it is a great way to increase the race participation in all the races. If you are able to come in within the top ten, you will receive between 30-100 points for your efforts. If you attend a certain number of events, you will be rewarded with points. At the end of the season, awards will be handed out to the top participants who were most active during the season and those who ran the hardest.

Join in the Fun

You are invited to attend any Michiana Marathon that you want to either as a spectator or as a participant. The entry fees are affordable, and the fun will be unending. As a participant, you will need to train hard to be able to complete the race course, but in the end, it will be well worth the efforts that you put into it. However, it is recommended that you start out with one of the smaller marathons in the area before you join the bigger races. If you are not participating, you can attend the largest events since they will be the most exciting ones to attend. We promise that you will not be bored standing on the sidelines waiting as the runners make their way to you. Are you ready to see what the Michiana Marathon is all about?