Running in Costume for Halloween

running bride costumeWhen most people think of holidays, they think about kids. Especially when it is a holiday like Halloween, where “kids” dress up and go around saying, “trick or treat”. Now, though, more and more adults are getting in on the fun of All Hallows Eve. There are adult parties where the adults dress up, families dressing up to go out together, and even running in costumes on Halloween. This is why there are so many exciting costumes on the market today for the “big kids” to wear.

Embracing Your Inner Monsters

pirate costume

When it comes to a fun holiday, Halloween all others. It is a night of magic and imagination. You can be anything you want to be. A shy woman could become a beautiful angel or a sexy witch. A man who wants to be a jokester, can dress as a joker or something spookier to startle those he meets. It is a trend that is proven by the fact that adults are spending more money on Halloween, and the costumes that they will wear, than their children are spending. With the growing popularity of this spooktacular holiday, it should not surprise you that there are spooky runs, trots, and races during the month of October.

Dressing for a Halloween Marathon

super hero costumes at marathonWhen you want to attend a truly fun marathon, you should take part in one during the month of October. It will be the only time you will see Superman or Wonder Woman running down the marathon trail. There are people who dress as sailors, clowns, and all types of food or drink items. There was also one time that someone dressed like a peacock ran down the road making people laugh all along the trail.

The key to choosing a good Halloween costume to run in is a matter of keeping yourself comfortable. If the weather may be cold you should avoid a costume that leaves a lot of bare skin. If temperatures may soar, you want to avoid anything hot and heavy to wear. Your chosen costume should allow you to move freely and you may want to practice running in it a little if it is a little heavy when you put it on. By trying it on, you will gain an understanding of whether you will be able to handle wearing it for longer marathons or if you need to reconsider your costume. Otherwise, you may never make it to the finish line.

You Deserve to Have Fun!

No matter what type of costume you choose or who you want to be on that special day of the year, you should remember to have fun doing it. Holiday themed marathons are designed to be purely fun for those who are attending. You may think of it as a reward for all those other marathons you have participated in. It can be just as humorous as you want it to be. You can make a statement with your costume or use it as a way to show that you are still a child at heart. You get to choose. Just make sure you choose wisely and have a great time while there.