Michiana Marathon

marathon runnersThe Michiana Marathon is perhaps a favorite event for a variety of marathon participants. It is an event that takes place in the early morning hours and offers runners a lot of surprises along its path.  Some of the most exciting is the Elvis impersonator that is waiting to high-five participants and there are also Djs, various bands, a few cheerleaders to cheer you on, and a rifle twirling group to entertain those who are there, but not participating. These entertainers are scattered around randomly along the zig-zagging downtown area where the runners spend most of their time. Do you know the other reasons that the Michiana Marathon is a popular event for marathoners?

Excitement Awaits You

girls marathonThese festivities begin before sunrise at this marathon. Even where the participants go to get their race bib, the air sizzles with the excitement of an average 45,000 entrants and 1.7 million spectators who are there to enjoy the action. There are free snacks available before the race start and booths to walk through. There is even a movie which is a fast forward through past marathon races that have taken place. It is one of the few marathons that brings people together from all areas of the world. At past events, there have been an average of 140 different countries coming together during the weekend of the event. This also means that motels and local businesses all get their fair share of business as families await race start.

Other Events

marathon spectatorsThere are numerous marathon events in the area if you are looking for a place to have a good time running. There is even a children’s marathon for the kids who want to participate in something great. There are points awarded to participants of all ages because it is a great way to increase the race participation in all the races. If you are able to come in within the top ten, you will receive between 30-100 points for your efforts. If you attend a certain number of events, you will be rewarded with points. At the end of the season, awards will be handed out to the top participants who were most active during the season and those who ran the hardest.

Join in the Fun

You are invited to attend any Michiana Marathon that you want to either as a spectator or as a participant. The entry fees are affordable, and the fun will be unending. As a participant, you will need to train hard to be able to complete the race course, but in the end, it will be well worth the efforts that you put into it. However, it is recommended that you start out with one of the smaller marathons in the area before you join the bigger races. If you are not participating, you can attend the largest events since they will be the most exciting ones to attend. We promise that you will not be bored standing on the sidelines waiting as the runners make their way to you. Are you ready to see what the Michiana Marathon is all about?


Running in Costume for Halloween

running bride costumeWhen most people think of holidays, they think about kids. Especially when it is a holiday like Halloween, where “kids” dress up and go around saying, “trick or treat”. Now, though, more and more adults are getting in on the fun of All Hallows Eve. There are adult parties where the adults dress up, families dressing up to go out together, and even running in costumes on Halloween. This is why there are so many exciting costumes on the market today for the “big kids” to wear.

Embracing Your Inner Monsters

pirate costume

When it comes to a fun holiday, Halloween all others. It is a night of magic and imagination. You can be anything you want to be. A shy woman could become a beautiful angel or a sexy witch. A man who wants to be a jokester, can dress as a joker or something spookier to startle those he meets. It is a trend that is proven by the fact that adults are spending more money on Halloween, and the costumes that they will wear, than their children are spending. With the growing popularity of this spooktacular holiday, it should not surprise you that there are spooky runs, trots, and races during the month of October.

Dressing for a Halloween Marathon

super hero costumes at marathonWhen you want to attend a truly fun marathon, you should take part in one during the month of October. It will be the only time you will see Superman or Wonder Woman running down the marathon trail. There are people who dress as sailors, clowns, and all types of food or drink items. There was also one time that someone dressed like a peacock ran down the road making people laugh all along the trail.

The key to choosing a good Halloween costume to run in is a matter of keeping yourself comfortable. If the weather may be cold you should avoid a costume that leaves a lot of bare skin. If temperatures may soar, you want to avoid anything hot and heavy to wear. Your chosen costume should allow you to move freely and you may want to practice running in it a little if it is a little heavy when you put it on. By trying it on, you will gain an understanding of whether you will be able to handle wearing it for longer marathons or if you need to reconsider your costume. Otherwise, you may never make it to the finish line.

You Deserve to Have Fun!

No matter what type of costume you choose or who you want to be on that special day of the year, you should remember to have fun doing it. Holiday themed marathons are designed to be purely fun for those who are attending. You may think of it as a reward for all those other marathons you have participated in. It can be just as humorous as you want it to be. You can make a statement with your costume or use it as a way to show that you are still a child at heart. You get to choose. Just make sure you choose wisely and have a great time while there.

Race Day Essentials

A runner has to do a lot if they want to perform their best at a marathon. They have to work out, get in shape, and figure out how to control their breathing to reach the finish line. They use diets, special exercises, and more to be the best that they can be. It is the same as with all other sports. What you may not consider is the other people who are involved in pulling off a successful 5K or 10K marathon. It goes beyond the runners and spectators who show their support. These race day essentials are put forth by the people who host the marathon.

Participants Matter

marathonThere are marathons being run in every part of the world. They support different causes and offer different things to those who participate in them. With everyone taking more of an interest in their overall health, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that marathons are becoming very popular choices for group exercises. It enables people to show off their skills and whether you win or lose, you are still achieving a personal goal. Perhaps a person who was overweight now wants to show that they are in better health and will run a 5K whereas in the past they couldn’t run a few feet without gasping. They may still come in at the end of the pack, but it proves that they can reach their goals. They do it for personal satisfaction. The hosts that make marathons come together understand that it is more than simply runners trying to reach a goal when they set out to run. It is breast cancer survivors, people who are working to reach their own milestones, and families that come together to show their fighter’s spirit.

Preparing for the Race

As a host of a marathon, you must promote it to get people to know that it is coming soon. Make sure you know what it will benefit as far as the charity, cause, or reason for people to show their support for it. You will also want to name it something that will attract potential runners, the date you feel it should happen, and other things. From there, you will want to find out what license you may need for the event. This will vary based on your location. You will want to stock up on bottled water, prizes for those who come in ahead of the rest, and token gifts for everyone who may help you in the planning stage of your event. You will want to have the best outdoor speakers from outdoorspeakersupply.com to help everyone along the course be able to hear important things before, during, and after the race.

A Successful Run

marathon with waterOn the big day, you will want to talk to police or others who are going to help you ensure that the race is safe and fun for all. You will want to make sure that a few EMTs are on site. This covers unfortunate events that can happen during a marathon. You should also make sure that your volunteers are along the route and ready to pass out water to those who pass by them. Snacks and more cold water is also great at the end of a marathon for those who feel they need it.

Family Safety While Running (even on treadmill)

marathon trainingEveryone knows that there are a lot of good health benefits to running. It is a type of exercise that tones, shapes, and strengthens, but it is also an aerobic workout that helps improve your heart’s health. These things can be even more important after you have a child, but therein the catch. Its difficult for most parents to find the time to train for a marathon after they have a child. We are here to tell you that it can be achievable if you want to give it a try, but first, you need to know about family safety while running, even indoors on a treadmill.

The Trouble with Babies

baby safeNew moms and dads often get caught up in their baby’s world. Its kind of hard not to. Little ones are a 24/7 type of job. They wake you up, they allow you to go to sleep, they make you laugh, they keep you chasing them, etc. Some days you may feel as though you have run a marathon before you even really have time to get out of bed. Its all worth it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t do much to get you into shape. Moms especially have a difficult time shedding the baby weight to reach their ideal, pre-baby size, but who has the time to go to the gym? Instead of putting it off until your child starts school; you should consider new ways to train if running is something you want to get into.

Marathons for Parents

mom on a treadmillWhen you have a curios toddler, you have to think about them before you do anything. Are they going to be safe, can they be with you, etc. When we think of marathon training, we often imagine running long distances on a sidewalk or around a track. Toddlers simply cannot keep up. If you go inside to train, you will have weights and other things that may cause them to get hurt. This is not ideal either. The “what ifs” are endless inside of a gym where people are constantly coming and going as well. At the gym, you don’t have the option to lock the door because you are inside with your toddler. You can lock up if you are at home training, though. In this case, a viable option to have door handle safety covers on the door to the area you are working out in. You will still have to watch them, but you can do so while running on the treadmill or riding on the bicycle to build up your endurance. Then on days when you have a baby sitter available, you can take to the sidewalks and the track to get yourself in shape through actual “marathons”.

Is It Worth It?

Running when you have a baby to deal with may seem challenging, but most runners say that it is absolutely worth it. They are the ones who get back down to their pre-baby weight the fastest. They can live longer and keep up with their rowdy toddler easier and they are more able to encourage their child to live healthy and active lifestyles rather than sit on the computer or tablets that so many children prefer in today’s world. This alone makes it well worth the effort.

Staying Warm & In Shape- Running Indoors During Winter

competitive runnerBeing a long-distance runner is not for the feint at heart. It takes dedication to the sport and many runners often end up with torn tendons and other issues because of all the running that they do. The risk of injury increases even more if they do not stay in shape, which means that winter can be very tough on them. A competitive long-distance runner may not be able to run outdoors during the winter if there is snow and other hazards. Therefore, staying warm & in shape is very hard to do unless they go running indoors during winter.

Running Indoors During Winter

indoor tracksA runner who is used to running long distances will probably feel as though they cannot survive the winter without running. Their body is used to it. It is even worse for a competitive runner to be kept away from running since they are so dedicated to doing it. This often means that they rely on places that offer indoor tracks or treadmills at their local gym, but is it really enough to keep them in good shape? In these places, are they able to keep the tone muscles that they depend on? It can be, as long as they do not rely on the treadmill and tracks exclusively. It gets boring for you and becomes routine for your body.

Breaking the Routine of Treadmills

One great exercise for runners who are confined to an indoor space throughout the winter months is to break out the jump rope. It is simple, but effective and can help you maintain your cadence, especially if you skip jump rather than jump with both feet at the same time. Rotating lunges and virtually any other strength training exercises will keep your body in peak condition for the spring to come. You can do knee highs, skater jumps, spidermans, sumo shuffles, and more. Since you depend on proper breathing and cardio workouts as well, you should consider bent knee leg lifts, side step lateral lunges, burpees, butt kicks, toe taps, and anything else that will ensure your heart rate goes up and you get a little sweat flowing.

Indoor Training Necessities

cycling for runnersWhen the weather outside is frightful and you are kept inside with your running shoes, there are a few things that will help you stay in shape. One, as all runners know, stretching is important. You should choose a place that allows you ample space to stretch out before and after a workout. It should also be warm to help you burn the calories that you need to burn. The indoor facility that you use should have warmth and if you are using a home gym, you may want to make sure that your gas pigtails are in proper working order. The treadmills, exercise bikes, and other equipment will also be helpful at keeping you in good enough shape that when the temperatures warm up, you will be ready to run the 5k without risking injury to your feet, legs, and joints.


marathon runnerLogan’s Run is a huge success every year. It is a race that is typically held in early august when the temperatures are pleasantly cool. You can choose to participate in the 5k or the 10k race. Both events usually bring in a lot of participants. However, only a few people can take home a win and they deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. Therefore, we are posting the Logan’s Race Circuit race results here.

Race Winners in the Men’s Division

marathon racingLast August, Justin Kowalski, 31, took home the win of the 5k run. His time was 16:38.8 minutes. Approximately 50 seconds behind him was Nathan Jones, 40 and Chris White, 43. The second and third place winners were separated by only 17 seconds, which made it a very exciting race to watch.

The 10k race was won in only 33:07 minutes by Derek Miller, 19. At 36:49.97 minutes the second-place finish was taken by Mike McCarthy, 37 and soon after followed Saul Garcia, 17. These runners all put their best efforts forth to take home their wins.

Race Winners in the Women’s Division

Logans RunTrisha Nelson, 26, was the big winner of the 5k race with a time of 18:51.87 minutes. Soon after, Kristina Krasich, 28 came in second and she was followed by Colleen Dabler, 43. The third-place finish was taken within 20:00.42 minutes making it a relatively close race for the first three ladies.

The winner of the 10k women’s division race was won by Laura Gillette, 32. Her finish time was 40:36.47 minutes. Hannah Yeakey followed approximately four seconds behind Laura, and after another four minutes Margaret McLaughlin, 45, took home the third-place finish.

All the Fun You Need

Everyone who attends the Logan’s Run marathon is excited to be there. They love the beauty of the course and how well it is organized. Perhaps if you are looking for your next event to attend, you will want to give it a try for yourself.